We secure work for our clients in a wide range of mediums: film, TV, theatre, commercials, etc.

Here is just a tiny sample of recent bookings...

We recently signed American actor, Aaron Stielstra - thanks to us he's now currently filming on the new DC movie ‘BATGIRL’, starring Leslie Grace, Brendan Fraser and oscar winner J.K. Simmons.

BTA's Harry Oliver recently made a small fortune working on Mike Myer's new Netflix series, The Pentaverate. Don't spend it all at once, Harry! 😉

BTA's Raquel Cipriano recently completed filming on season 2 of Amazon's The Wheel of Time, starring Rosamund Pike.

BTA® has more clients than any other agency currently working on the Netflix Money Heist Experience in London. Congrats to Juliana Barros, Bruno Matay, Sarah Collins, Jennifer Lockwood and Amelia Landon!

We recently signed Nathan Chatelier and soon after booked him on Sky's forthcoming show, Funny Girl, starring Gemma Arterton.

BTA's Niall Murphy recently completed filming on the independent feature film Burial, starring Harriet Walter and Tom Felton.

BTA's Matthew Koon has secured a lot of work since we signed him, including lucrative commercials for Adobe, Castrol, and Facebook - as well as his TV acting debut in the BBC's forthcoming drama, Everything I Know About Love, starring Emma Appleton.

BTA's Alecs Simone (based in Italy) recently booked a very lucrative commercial for Samsung

BTA's Rahul Sidhu recently booked a lucrative commercial for McDelivery, and also completed filming on a new Channel 4 series, How to be a Person.


What we look for in potential clients

Every artist in this industry has talent – we look for a whole lot more

Team Players 🤜🤛

Recognising that their agent is far better placed than they are to understand the inner workings of the industry, our clients look to us for guidance. Our clients also recognise that this industry runs on clear and efficient communication – that’s why our clients keep themselves available and reachable, and respond quickly to confirm availability, castings, recalls and bookings.

Our clients also strive to continually update their online profiles, showreels and headshots so it’s clear to casting why they are appropriate for all the jobs we are trying so hard to get for them. It’s about working with each other, not against each other.

A Business Mindset  🏦 💵

It’s called ‘show business’. Yes, you’re an artist, but the sooner you realise you’re actually a small business owner with yourself as the product, the sooner you will help us to help you by adopting a business mindset.

Our Founder and Senior Agent also has the benefit of law school training, which means we can advise our clients in a way very few other agencies can in regards the inception, execution and discharge of any potential employment contract they are offered. And this business can be tough. Not a day goes by when we don’t have to use our legal savoir faire on behalf of our clients – you’ll appreciate that fully when it’s on your behalf.

Long-Term Loyalty ☔️☀️

The first year or two will determine if you ‘get it’. The unpredictability of this industry can be tough for artists to accept, but right from day one at BTA® we are there to guide and encourage. In return we expect our artists to work with us as loyal and reliable teammates as we continually evaluate your progress.
Deeper into our agency relationship we offer some of our clients other forms of representation, including international management. And some of our actors also develop into fine writers, ripe for our growing literary department.
But let’s cross those bridges if and when we come to them – see if you can get (and stay) on our books first 😉

Balanced Ambition 📚✅

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a career in the entertainment industry. Balancing your ambition with reasonable expectations is the key to both longevity in this business and a happy relationship with your agent. Our clients, therefore, do everything they can to further themselves in all of their talents, while at the same time respecting the odds they are up against.
For our part, we do everything we can reasonably do in guiding our clients on how to improve their chances with casting, as well as doing our due diligence in putting our clients forward for appropriate and plentiful submissions. And, yes, we do that rare agent thing and submit our clients ‘across the board’ – we love nothing more than triple, even ‘quadruple-threats’ – recognising that each of your talents is probably equally as important to you as the others.

Across the Board


Bridging the gap between ‘straight acting’ and ‘musical theatre’, we aim to provide tantalising opportunities across the board for both our acting and MT clients.

Here’s a lovely example – Vanessa, whom we pitch as both MT and a straight actress, recently graduated with a Masters degree in Acting from East 15. Last year she landed a role in the new Ben Lewis film, Falling for Fiagro, starring Danielle Macdonald, Shazad Latif, Joanna Lumley, Gary Lewis and Hugh Skinner. Congrats again on your big-screen debut, Vanessa! 🙂

kindly add links to your spotlight/IMDb with a cover letter when submitting

We receive a high volume of submissions – please be patient in awaiting our reply


Success in this industry is weighted by combining a scientific and artistic approach to submissions. Nothing works better than taking and using hard data (the science) and combining that with decades of wisdom and experience (the art) to increase and strategise talent submissions.

Thus, every couple of months we encourage our clients to request their Spotlight submission report from us. The responce is always the same - sheer amazement at the qualitative and quantitative data. You're welcome 😉

"Holy Jesus flipping wow that’s a lot of amazing stuff, thank you so much!! Thanks for sending this over, I really appreciate it!"
Amelia Landon

Actress, BTA®

  • BTA® due diligence 100% 100%


BTA® submission happiness

"Wow... that’s amazing! Thank you ever so much! Thank you so, so much for everything."
Beth Haf Jones

Actress, BTA®

"Hey Ryan, thanks for sending the submission report over, just been going through this morning and I really appreciate the amount of work you’ve put in for me already! I’ll work to do everything I can to get in the room."
Freddy Parkington

Actor, BTA®


Mr. Parkington is a remarkably talented young actor with credits in wide-ranging mediums: he performed as Tom Holland's Stand-in for Marvel Studio's 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'; and starred in a lucrative Nintendo commercial etc. Further to this Freddy is well-trained in stunts, parkour and mo cap.

Casting loves Freddy! 🙂

"Ryan, Honestly having an agent like you has been so lovely, I feel like you've been so supportive. Thank you again"

Megan Froud

Actress, BTA®

"Oh wow 🙂 Yes to you! Such perfect timing too - I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!"

Clare Juliette

Actress, BTA®

The BTA® Family

our clients say it best

There's only one BTA®

"Couldn't ask for a better agent. Thanks Ryan 💕"

Megan Cooper

Actress, BTA®

"Thank you, and to all at BTA, for representing me last year. I appreciate all that you do, and look forward to what we can achieve together next year. "

Niall Murphy

Actor, BTA®

"Hi Ryan, I just wanted to say again how grateful I am for your guidance. I really appreciate your support. Alice :)"

Alice Ezra

Actress, BTA®

Since beginning my time with BTA just 6 months ago I have had nothing but a personable, professional, and winning experience from Ryan and his team. It's clear that Ryan loves his job a great deal as he works tirelessly around the clock. I have had a number of agents before BTA and none come close to his level of dedication and passion for the industry.
In a fickle acting world where we all need someone to stand in our corner, Ryan has no issue standing up and ensuring the best for his clients. If you're willing to do what it takes to be the best in this industry then the team at BTA will do what it takes to get you there. During my first year of returning to acting with a previous agent I didn't have one audition for an entire year! Now during my first 6 months with BTA I have had a consistent flow of both self tapes and live auditions and I even landed my first professional TV gig! I am extremely grateful for all the work done at BTA and I'm thrilled to continue to achieve great things in the future together. Thanks so much!
Fergus Foster

Actor, BTA®

Hello Ryan & Team, 

Joining the BTA family has been such a highlight of 2020 and I would like to thank you all for your hard work over the past few months - I’ve never had so many self-tapes in such a short space of time! I really appreciate everything you have done and I very much feel like part of a team! Let’s hope 2021 brings a bit more normality and some wonderful opportunities! 

Stay safe and well, 

Sarah xx

Sarah Collins

Actress, BTA®

"Ryan has been incredibly supportive since day 1. He’s professional, approachable and friendly. Always on call when needed and has provided me constant support, encouragement and guidance.

Very fortunate to have such a kind, hardworking and knowledgeable agent, that I can also have a great laugh with and call my friend.

Thank you for generating such wonderful opportunities for me and your continued support, guidance and friendship."

Alexander King

Actor, BTA®

Hey Ryan,

Just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for everything.... Obviously 2020 has not exactly been what we expected or wanted... I know you've done everything possible in very difficult circumstances and the communication has been greatly appreciated.
Speak to you soon,
Alexander McLintock

Actor, BTA®

Dear Ryan,

It’s been the strangest year for starting a new era with a new agent, however you’ve kept us troops entertained and motivated us throughout the year! I’ve spent the year reflecting and contemplating where I want to be heading in the next few years and I can’t wait to share and discuss my game plans going forward to make 2021 a super successful year! I raise a virtual glass to you and hope you enjoy the festive season!

P.s an Amazon package should have arrived today, as a thank you for the hard work -  enjoy!


Alistair Robertson

Actor, BTA®

"I am very grateful for all these great opportunities so quickly after signing with you! Thanks so much for believing in me and taking me on as part of the BTA team."

Carly Buhler

Actress, BTA®

" O2 commercial has just starting showing on tv!! Saw it for the first time today. Thank you so much, I’m thrilled!"

Marie-Sophie de Felice

Actress, BTA®

"Dear Ryan, 
Just wanted to say Happy Easter and thanks for the check-in messages on WhatsApp. I am so grateful to have an agent that is so attentive and thoughtful - it's such a blessing in this industry and especially during this time. 
Let me know if there's anything I can be doing during quarantine that would be helpful for putting me forward for more work when this is all over... Hope you're staying healthy, safe, and sane!
Franziska Harms

Actress, BTA®

"Hi Ryan,
just letting you know that I have just sent the casting tapes off to Huawei,

I also just wanted to say a massive thank you for all of your support and effort, during quarantine and continuously!
it is great to know that you believe in me and I am so grateful for your encouragement and advice!

I feel privileged to be a part of BTA!

Thanks Again! 🙂 x"

Georgina Galley

Actress, BTA®

the industry concurs

"You are the best. So hard working."


Casting Director & Producer, Anne Stone Casting

"During the course of booking one of his clients for one of our productions, Ryan gently pointed out that there was a simple, but rather important, error in our contract. Ryan was absolutely right - the error was obvious once you saw it. I'd been using that contract and sending it to countless other agents for about 8 years and not one of them had spotted it! We amended the contract and booked his client. With his evident and almost effortless knowledge of contract law, Ryan's pretty unique in this industry."


Producer, Rapport Group

"Legend! 😊 ...thank you Ryan, you’ve sent in some ace groups ❤ ... thanks so much for these fab tapes so quickly xx...   ...You da best! X"

Bex Reynolds

Casting Associate, ET Casting

"Great - you are the only agent who invoiced correctly"


Casting Director, Ilisa Richter Casting

kindly add links to your spotlight/IMDb with a cover letter when submitting

We receive a high volume of submissions – please be patient in awaiting our reply

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