What we look for in potential clients

Every artist in this industry has talent – we look for a whole lot more

Team Players 🤜🤛

Recognising that their agent is far better placed than they are to understand the inner workings of the industry, our clients look to us for guidance. Our clients also recognise that this industry runs on clear and efficient communication – that’s why our clients keep themselves available and reachable, and respond quickly to confirm availability, castings, recalls and bookings.

Our clients also strive to continually update their online profiles, showreels and headshots so it’s clear to casting why they are appropriate for all the jobs we are trying so hard to get for them. It’s about working with each other, not against each other.

A Business Mindset  🏦 💵

It’s called ‘show business’. Yes, you’re an artist, but the sooner you realise you’re actually a small business owner with yourself as the product, the sooner you will help us to help you by adopting a business mindset.

Our Founder and Senior Agent also has the benefit of law school training, which means we can advise our clients in a way very few other agencies can in regards the inception, execution and discharge of any potential employment contract they are offered. And this business can be tough. Not a day goes by when we don’t have to use our legal savoir faire on behalf of our clients – you’ll appreciate that fully when it’s on your behalf.

Balanced Ambition 📚✅

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a career in the entertainment industry. Balancing your ambition with reasonable expectations is the key to both longevity in this business and a happy relationship with your agent. Our clients, therefore, do everything they can to further themselves in all of their talents, while at the same time respecting the odds they are up against.
For our part, we do everything we can reasonably do in guiding our clients on how to improve their chances with casting, as well as doing our due diligence in putting our clients forward for appropriate and plentiful submissions. And, yes, we do that rare agent thing and submit our clients ‘across the board’ – we love nothing more than triple, even ‘quadruple-threats’ – recognising that each of your talents is probably equally as important to you as the others.

Long-Term Loyalty ☔️☀️

The first year or two will determine if you ‘get it’. The unpredictability of this industry can be tough for artists to accept, but right from day one at BTA® we are there to guide and encourage. In return we expect our artists to work with us as loyal and reliable teammates as we continually evaluate your progress.
Deeper into our agency relationship we offer some of our clients other forms of representation, including international management. And some of our actors also develop into fine writers, ripe for our growing literary department.
But let’s cross those bridges if and when we come to them – see if you can get (and stay) on our books first 😉

What you’re looking for in an agency

You want a strong, well-connected agency

An agency you can trust and talk to

No matter what your expertise, you’ve come to the right place

kindly add links to your spotlight/IMDb with a cover letter when submitting

We receive a high volume of submissions – please be patient in awaiting our reply

BTA® recent graduates

For all our young actors recently graduated from drama school we provide guidance into the industry in these precarious times.


Our strong reputation has provided wide-ranging opportunities for many of our recent acting grads. Hollywood studio features; streaming series; lucrative commercials, long-running West End shows, VO, shorts, etc.

Despite the lockdowns, filming continues, and some newbies just keep booking!

Musical Theatre

For recently graduated MT clients, we often surprise them by not only giving them access to the creme of West End casting directors, but also top line opportunities in TV, film, commercials, theatre, etc.

Happily, some of our young MT clients are already booked for forthcoming shows in 2021.

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