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BTA® is a leading international talent agency based in London

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As well as serving the UK, our clients also benefit from our close relationships with studios, agents and casting directors in Los Angeles and New York

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Meet our wonderful Clients



Nicholle Tom has been a profile name in Hollywood for the last 26 years, beginning when she was propelled to fame with her role as Ryce Newton in Beethoven (1992, Universal Pictures) and Beethoven’s 2nd (1993, Universal Pictures). Nicholle then became known for her role as Maggie Sheffield on the hit CBS TV series, The Nanny (1993-1999), for which she was nominated for 5 acting awards.

Further credits include notable roles in  feature films such as Panic (2000, Artisan Entertainment) starring William H. Macy and Donald Sutherland, The Princess Diaries (2001, Walt Disney Pictures), starring Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews, along with numerous roles in high profile TV shows such as Masters of Sex, About A Boy, Gotham, Survivor’s Remorse and Hollywood Darlings. Nicholle is also known for voicing Supergirl in the DC Animated Universe.

A seasoned expert in both comedy and drama, Nicholle is revered for her gritty realism and selfless commitment to her roles. We are delighted and honoured to represent her.



Known for her portrayal of series regular Jennifer Rappaport on ABC’s “One Life to Live”, Jessica has cultivated her career as the leading lady in various television shows and independent films. Also making a memorable appearance in Universal’s theatrical success “Role Models”.

Jessica has recently been the star of Lifetime TV’s hit movie “The Wrong Student” and has also had strong guest starring roles on popular primetime shows, including Fox’s “Rosewood” and TNT’s “Perception”.

Jessica stands out as an actress who conveys honesty and depth through all of the characters she plays and has also discovered her passion for screenwriting. We are naturally delighted to have her on our books.




Emmy-nominated TV, Soap and Film star, Aiden Turner, is currently starring as ‘Brad’, a series regular lead in Tyler Perry’s If Loving You is Wrong, broadcast on OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network) in the U.S.

Among his numerous other stand-out credits, Aiden starred in 502 episodes of the hit ABC TV series All My Children and has appeared in many other notable U.S. television shows and films including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., NCIS: Los Angeles, and America’s Dancing with the Stars.

Aiden recently completed filming season 5 of If Loving You is Wrong. We are delighted to represent him as his career continues to flourish.




Carol Anne Watts is an award-winning Hollywood-based actress. Her performance in the feature film Redneck Roots won her two international film festival awards for Best Supporting Actress along with a further nomination for Best Actress.

Notable television credits include: A Way Back Home, Killer Women, Red Band Society, and Vice Principals. She has appeared in numerous feature films including Traded and Ant-Man, and plays the leading roles in the forthcoming action features Aim and Final Imprint.

Carol Anne has trained in hand-to-hand combat for over 9 years. She is both beautiful, and deadly, and we are delighted to represent her.

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Global Partners

Unlike some London agencies who fear losing their clients to America and American agents, we actively encourage our local talent to think internationally from day one. We are proud to share clients with some of the biggest U.S. agencies, such as Abrams Artists Agency in New York and Greene & Associates in Los Angeles.

Global Clients

We are also signing more and more American and international actors as they realise the importance of having a strong U.K. rep to cover the increasing number of U.S. productions (and others) choosing to shoot in the U.K. under PACT/Equity, rather than in the U.S. under SAG-AFTRA.

Legal Competence

When you consider that the primary job of an agent is to review, negotiate and sometimes sign contracts on a client’s behalf, actually studying Law – and especially Contract Law – could be seen as an obvious and essential prerequisite to becoming an agent. Yet, oddly, many agents and managers in the entertainment industry have had no legal training whatsoever.

BTA’s Founder and Senior Agent is currently studying for his Master’s in Law.

Artists First

At BTA®, we place the artist first and foremost in our work. Not only is it the right thing for any representative to do morally, but it also makes great business sense as in doing so, everything else – the reputation, the rapid business growth and, yes, the money – they all take care of themselves.

We combine our artistic empathy and experience with business savvy and expertise, to represent our clients with care, understanding and balance.

Pro bono publico

Throughout 2019, BTA® will be supporting the national charity, Crisis

“just wanted to say thank you for such a great first month of representation! I’ve had more auditions from you in one month than the past two agents put together! It feels great and I’m excited for all the opportunities coming my way. Thank you!”

Laura McKee

Actress, BTA®

“Ryan. You are. A f***ing legend sir.

Get in!

Joshua Ford

Actor, BTA®

Our Clients say it Best

There's only one BTA®

Hi Ryan, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my contract for today, and the help with the other job! I had such a lovely time on set today and feel really lucky to be a part of BTA®! ☺️”

Ellen Tritton

Actress, BTA®

“Just emailing some gratitude your way, in my first month with you, you have provided many auditions and although I haven’t converted any thus far, I am confident that I WILL. But thank you so far. I am truly grateful.”

Carleen-Marie Elson

Actress, BTA®

“Ryan, Honestly having an agent like you has been so lovely, I feel like you’ve been so supportive. Thank you again 

Megan Froud

Actress, BTA®

Emma Kniebe

Actress, BTA®

David Burchhardt

Actor, BTA®

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for these first 6 months. Made stepping into the real world a lot easier!”

Will Hodges

Actor, BTA®

“Thank you, and to all at BTA, for representing me last year. I appreciate all that you do, and look forward to what we can achieve together next year. “

Niall Murphy

Actor, BTA®

“Thank you so much for everything this year. I feel really grateful for having you on my team. Looking forward to all that 2019 brings! :)”

Melanie Johnson

Actress, BTA®

Client Updates – 2019

Our updates here usually (but not always) focus more towards our graduate and development clients. We pride ourselves on guiding and honing raw exceptional talent and helping our graduate and development clients to build their careers and business skills as they move deeper into the industry. And we’re always excited for our clients – and love to celebrate out loud – when we help them to break new ground and secure quality work.

Friday, Jan 18th, 2019

Been another mad-busy week!

Bookings include…

SAM ROSS – collects easy money from a Bank commercial – it’s the gift that keeps on giving, Sam! Nice 🙂

NIALL MURPHY – the king of casting returns to form booking 2 short films filming back to back! Sweet 🙂

and MATTHEW FARMER starts 2019 with a nice VR gig! Awesome 🙂

…great work everyone!

Sunday, Jan 13th, 2019

2019 is already insanely busy!

We enter the year with an incredible amount of castings for our development clients… however, first booking of the year goes to Kristian Nekrasov – he’s landed a nice role in the new Kingsman film. Hurrah!

BTA’s Esra Asian


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BTA’s Anais Pontet

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